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The Digital Transformation is here.


This is me having received the IBM Digital Eminence award from Jason Laufer and Andrew Stevens (GM IBM ANZ). All awards bring a special feeling and I thank Jason and the team that nominated me for the recognition. So, thats enough about awards. after all awards are only a reminder that you now need to set new goals.

This new recognition at IBM is the perfect setting for me to expand a bit on what is shaping the new era of Marketing strategy and communications. It is widely accepted that, the IT industry progresses in cycles of 10 years. Hence, we have now entered what is known as the 5th era of IT transformation, now known as the Digital era. AKA the era of “Social”. In B2C we call this “Social Media” and in B2B we call this “Social Business”. “Social” has brought about enormous challenges and opportunities to traditional Marketing.

The explosion of Face Book, Linked In, Twitter and Utube among other Web 2.0 technologies has challenged the traditional mind set of every organization on the planet. How organizations and indeed Marketers have responded to this is both encouraging and in many cases disappointing. If Face book is likened to the 3rd largest country in the world (700 m users) and Smart phones have out paced PC’s in gross sales, then surely the Marketing game has changed.

I am at a privileged position to blog on this topic as I do this for a living at IBM. So, it is with great delight I will blog in the next few days, weeks or God only knows how long about Digital Marketing, Collaboration, RSS feeds, Communities, Tags, Widgets, Portals etc.

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  1. Senani Gunasekera permalink

    Congratulations on the Digital Eminence award.

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