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Why Good Ads “Click”.


Axe Fireworks

Here are 2 of my favourite new print ads. Needless to say they featured as winners of the prestigious Caanes Lions Advertising Awards for 2012. The 2 ads are for Axe fragrance and Maxam toothpaste.

I despise adverts (Brand Managers, and Creative Directors) who do not generate a measurable ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment), by not adhering to what Marketers are taught as good Marcomms strategy and execution. I have had the good fortune of being in the company of renown Marketing academics and practitioners during my time as a Marketing student and professional. So in my opinion here’s what make these ads “click”.

Great advertising is aimed at captivating the target audience, and compelling the viewer to respond (favourably) to given stimuli. If this sounds like some deep theorem, it is exactly that. Markcomms follow the basic premise that attitudes towards Brands / Products are formed in the sub-conscious. Hence, why at a deeper level Marketers/Advertisers are compelled to study the brain and consumer psychology.

The ads discussed here constitute these essential properties in advertising:- EMOTION, a PROMISE, appeals to the TARGET CUSTOMER, states a KEY BENEFIT and/or a KEY ATTRIBUTE and highlights the product CATEGORY NEED. Effective advertising is clean, un-cluttered and delivers a “single minded” message to the intended audience, whilst creatively applying the above factors to an advert. If you cannot address the above criteria, it is prudent not to waste ad Dollars.

Maxam Civilization Rome

Poor mediocre advertising seems like more common place in the Australian ad landscape, and Management (and consumers) are entitled to demand better innovation and creativity from advertisers. The ads described here were the creative works of BBH London (Axe) and JWT China (Maxam). Other notable brands that won were – Benetton, Rayban, Amnesty International as well as Carlton beer and Volkeswagen both created in Australia.

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  1. Fantastic article Grahame. I fully agree.

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