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Welcome to the new utopia of Smarter Cities


smartcitiesThe world is at the cusp of some amazing technological shifts. In fact, the next decade will bring about technological revolutions never before seen on this planet.   As the world awaits Google and Uber driver-less cars, Alibaba’s drone delivery systems, we are now witnessing a global village that is centered around technology. What this could also well mean is that the world will need to manage these technology shifts. Thus Smarter Data, Smarter Networking, and Smarter Cities will be the imperative. The world is more entwined now than ever. However, whilst these changes bring about massive opportunities, it also inevitably creates challenges to society and the enterprise alike. Of the 3 imperatives mentioned above, Smarter Cities is a (not so new) idea that is gathering steep momentum. As the debate for climate change continues, as the world devours more energy, and blows out more pollution, the concept for Smarter Cities will continue to gather momentum. This brings me to the main point of this blog. What could this mean for Marketers? Smarter Cities will and have brought about unprecedented opportunities for those companies who care to demonstrate good corporate citizenship. Organizations who have embraced the idea of “Smarter Cities” are not only perceived as good corporate citizens but have invented products and services that lend greater value to the planet. A city is “smart” when investments in human and social capital and traditional (transport) modern (ICT) communication infrastructure fuel sustainable economic growth and a high quality of life with wise management of natural resources, through participated governance. (Caragliu, Del Bo, Nijkamp). The world is accustomed to initiatives such as “Green Planet” and “Societal Marketing”. Brands such as Body Shop and Toyota were early adopters of these concepts. Today Toyota consistently ranks as the top “Green” brand in the world with inventions such as the Prius. Smarter Cities is the 21st Century’s approach to “Green Planet”. Leading the charge is global tech giant IBM with its global campaign “Smarter Cities”. Here in ANZ IBM has actively partnered with Perth, Ballarat, Gold Coast, and Christchurch cities in order to build Smarter Cities that are faced with the challenges of the 21st Century.   By deploying big data analysis tools IBM assists in numerous smarter strategies such as building smarter transportation, water & waste management, smarter buildings, public safety and security.   Welcome to the new utopia of Smarter Cities!

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