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Hello and welcome to my blog.

My name is Grahame Davidson. I have dedicated my entire professional career to up-hold the immense value Marketing offers to achieving organizational and/or personal goals. I have spent over 20 years in Brand Marketing and Product Management. I am blessed to have completed a Masters Degree in Strategic Marketing (University of Wollongong, NSW), and obtain a certified Chartered Marketer status from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (UK).

I hold a view that marketing is a Science of customer behaviour towards a given set of stimuli and the manifestation of this is the consumers attitude towards the brand.  The ultimate measurement of success or failure of what marketers attempt to achieve largely depends on how consumers (in B2C) and the enterprise (in B2B) responds to the marketing proposition, AKA stimuli.

During my interesting journey as a marketer, I have learned and shared immensely from others on the subject. From a Communications and a Strategic Planning standpoint, I have journeyed through 2 distinct eras of marketing, namely before and after the Digital Marketing Revolution. My blogs here attempt to describe these shifts further.

Please note that the blogs here are entirely my own and does not represent the views of my employer or any organization that I hold office. Do feel free to participate in constructive dialog. However, I do moderate this site and reserve the right to remove comments that are inappropriate and/or derogatory.

Aside from marketing my passions in life include playing the Blues. I am an avid fan of Jazz and Blues. I am a disciple of the musical generes that emerged from New Orleans, and the Mississippi Delta.  I play guitar, Harmonica and some instruments in-between. I am also a radio DJ, weekend cyclist, and yoga practitioner. Enough said.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to let me know you have been here.

  1. Sladen permalink

    As always, you astound me Mr Davidson.
    Very informative and interesting views on the marketplace and business in general.

    • Thank you Sladen. Are you referring to the my new blog entitled “How memory affects brand choices”? or an older post?

  2. graeme williamson permalink

    Hi Grahame, remember me from your Dux days, love to catch up for a coffee, looks like you are doing great things these days

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