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Books I recommend

Here are 5 of my personal favourite books I have read over the years. I highly recommend these to anyone who wish to enhance their knowledge and understanding of marketing.

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Marketing Management – Philip Kotler and Kevin Keller (Global edition)
The definitive guide on general marketing management. Kotler and Keller cover the full spectrum of marketing fundamentals to strategic marketing planning. If you are looking for a marketing book that will cover almost every facet on the subject and also motivate you, this is it. It is packed with marketing & management models as well as pictures of real ads. The early edition of this book was one of the first marketing texts I studied during my study time with the Chartered Institute of Marketing in UK.

Strategic Brand Management – Kevin Keller
Kevin Keller is a distinguished Professor of marketing at Dartmouth College. Together with Philip Kotler he has penned some ground breaking texts on brand marketing.  This book is focused on the “how to” and “why” of brand management, this strategy guide provides specific tactical guidelines for planning, building, measuring, and managing brand equity.

Consumer Behavior & Managerial Decision Making – Frank Kardes
This is most definitely for the “marketing intellectual”. Kardes does a deep dive into consumer behaviour. This book is filled with deep and complexed teachings on experimental psychology. It covers early Response and Stimuli theories such as Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning to more recent brain analytics theory. This book covers marketing from a consumer psychology standpoint and is heavy on how the consumers mind works.

Who says Elephants can’t dance – Louis Gerstner Jr
Simply brilliant. A fascinating and insightful read into the transformation of “Big Blue”. Gerstner writes brilliantly about how IBM produced a near impossible corporate change management to not only shape its own future but also the IT industry’s. I guarantee that once you start reading this book you will not put it down. A stunningly inspiring read from cover to cover, especially if you are an IBMer.

Marketing Communications, Theory and Applications – John Rossiter and Steven Bellman
I had the pleasure of doing my Masters (in Strategic Marketing) under the guidance of John Rossiter, and played a small part in the “pre-test” of this masterful piece on Marketing Communications. In this book Rossiter and Bellman transforms Marcomms from a subject to a science. Despite all the years I spent in marketing and the many books studied, this still challenged and brought forth a new dimension to Marcomms I had not encountered before. Just by the way, John Rossiter is Australia’s most cited Marketing academic, and therefore you are in the hands of a world authority on Marcomms. I guarantee this book will change the way you look at this topic.

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